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At Safari Kidz Kounseling, our staff understands the importance of providing an emotionally and physically safe environment for children. We strive to achieve high standards for promoting safety and security of all clients and their families.

Our #1 rule of the office is "nobody gets hurt and everyone stays safe here!"

We offer a wide variety of payment options including cash, check, debit, and credit card processing. We are willing to work with individuals and families to make services affordable by offering payment plans or reduced rates when feasible.

We understand times get tough and we do not want finances to be a barrier to quality treatment.

Fun: We strive to make the therapeutic experience as fun and enjoyable as possible for children and adults alike. Staff understand the importance of fun and use a variety of learning styles needed to achieve superior results.

So bring your sense of humor and creativity for play and join us today!

Adventurous: Safari Kidz Kounseling staff want to provide children and their families with support and adventure as they follow their healing journey to better coping. We strive to provide unique resources and think "outside the box" to assist individuals and families as they work to improve relationships.

We go on "playful and emotional safaris" everyday! We know what it is like when things don't go as planned, so we get creative and use our adventurous spirit to "go where the wild things are" and make new solutions.

Resilient: We know that children are inherently resilient and we work diligently to help each child and family learn about resilience and how they too can learn to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the storm to pass.

At Safari Kidz Kounseling, we strive to work through the tough times with you and your family and provide support. With a spirit of patience and calmness we will walk alongside you on your journey to healing.

Imaginative: Safari Kidz Kounseling staff are constantly utilizing their imagination to dream of new and innovative ways to make the days more fun. Our staff understand how quickly and easily children and families can become bored with daily stresses and we work hard to use our creativity to make the therapeutic relationship more powerful and effective.

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